What do you think is the best service for email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the best customer acquisition tools that exists out there. When done correctly, it reaps huge dividends and can be used as a successful acquisition strategy. Assuming you are a B2C company, the following options should help you:

  1. Marketing Automation - Sell More Stuff | MailChimp
    1. pretty simple and easy to setup, offers a free plan.
    2. nice analytics dashboard.
    3. difficult to setup drip campaigns
  2. Sendgrid.com
    1. easy to setup, free plans
    2. focussed on transactional emails - aka confirm registration / order / shipping confirmation etc.
  3. Amazon Simple Email Service
    1. one of the cheapest and reliable email services out there
    2. need to build everything from scratch aka ton of engineering support
  4. Gmail addon (GMass mailer)
    1. uses native gmail interface
    2. integration with google spreadsheets
    3. hard to scale up as it isn’t a native CRM
  5. Hatchbuck.com
    1. Complete CRM tool for email marketing
    2. Might take time to get used to UI

Summing up, there are many tricks to the trade out here. And it isn’t necessarily about a single tool, but a combination of tools that can be used for the service. If you are an e-commerce store, just starting out, I would go with Marketing Automation - Sell More Stuff | MailChimp

In addition, we wrote a pretty lengthy post on Medium about email marketing - 101 User acquisition using email marketing — 101  – Samantha Jones – Medium

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