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How to integrate WebFives with your Shopify or Wordpress website?

At WebFives, we work extremely hard to ensure that you have the best and seamless experience when it comes to installing our software that makes your website load under a second. Our installation process is fairly straight forward and is a simple two step process.

We understand that building webpages is part of the process, hosting the pages on worlds fastest and most reliable network completes the picture; and that is why we have partnered with Google's premium network, to offer the very best to our customers!

Top 3 reasons why Wordpress AMP plugin should not be used.

With over 60% of traffic coming from mobile devices, mobile speed is super critical when it comes to search rankings and higher organic conversions.

Early 2015, Google introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project), a project that makes your website load under a second. More importantly, for websites that are AMP compatible, Google's search page pre-caches them; the result: when user clicks on a result, the pages in blink of an eye, usually under 300ms.

What are the top 3 ways to increase your Shopify store conversion rate?

In the ever competitive world of Amazon, finding a niche and staying relevant is extremely difficult. Not only are independent store owners finding it stay competitive, they are up against big-ad spend by the big-wigs.

Given we can't outspend our competitor, what are our options, simple, outsmart them.

Top 3-reasons why Google cannot index AngularJS website.

Over 20% of websites since 2014 have been built using AngularJS. And while AngularJS has made it easy for developers to build, it has made equally difficult for search engines to index these websites.

Google cannot properly index AngularJS websites primarily because: